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Chanukah ready to use Lights #1

Chanukah ready to use Lights #1

מק"ט: 012
22.99 ₪ מחיר רגיל
20.69 ₪מחיר מבצע
Set of 44 Chanukah glasses pre filled with pure olive oil ready to use!
  • Chanukah Lights#1

    Order this Packege and it will deliverd in time for Chanukah!

    This Chanukah set is a Pleasure to use! (jelled), It is a new and mehudar product .

    it contains 90% Olive Oil and 10% Paraffin. And has the Hashgacha of the Bataz Yerushalaim. 

    Easy to light, burns approximately 2 hours ,creates beautiful soft glow! 

    All Menorah sets will be Gift wrapped!




    In honor of our Grand Opening and Chanukah, there will be a Flat $3 Shipping rate on all our Chanukah Products.

    All Pre Chanukah Orders (ordered before Dec.1 ) will be deliverd the week before Chanukah.

    All Chanukah orders will be deliverd on Chanukah.

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