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Teperberg Wine - IMPRESSION

Teperberg Wine - IMPRESSION

64.90 ₪מחיר
Choose from Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon , and Sangiovese wine.

    Teperberg Wine a high end Israeli Wine known Worldwide.

    These wines are from a series of IMPRESSION 2014. contain 14% Alcohol.

    Here is expert from the teperberg website About this wine:

    A series of classic red and white varietal wines, produced from vineyards in Shfelat Yehuda and the Ayalon Valley. The wines in this series are blended from select varieties and matured in oak barrels for about 6 months in order to create high-quality wines with aging potential. These wines are very appealing and pleasant to drink, even when young. They are characterized by their balance of rich fruity aromas and the delicate fragrance of the oak barrels.


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  • Disclaimer

    The sale of Alcohol is only to someone of 18 Years of age (Israel) ,

    And is subject to present I.D when reciving the order.

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