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Elegant Mishloach Manot

Elegant Mishloach Manot

89.00 ₪מחיר

Dry Red Wine with Chocolatina Praline Belgian Milchig Chocolate. Elegant and chic ensemble. Send love with this Mishloach Manot. You may add on or create your own package starting with these two products. HAPPY Purim!!!

Picture for illustration purposes. 


    You may add on to any order from our "Add on" section, and anything from the website.

    This includes Chocolate, Wine, Hamentashen , Purim Items, etc.  

  • Disclaimer

    The sale of Alcohol is only to someone of 18 Years of age (Israel) ,

    And is subject to present I.D when reciving the order.

  • Product Info

    This Includes

    • Dry red wine from the Jerusalem Weinery (with Chabad Hechsher)
    • Chocolatina Praline 5 Piece Gift Box

    Beautifully warped

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