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Cellular Service (sim card)

Cellular Service (sim card)

24.99 ₪מחיר
"its not the distance that keep people apart but the lack of communication" we are in 5776!
Special Price's for extended Plan!

    The plans include 

    Unlimited calling and text in israel 

    10 GB Internet (slow internet afterwords)

    Unlimited calling to 56 Countries including US and Canada Phone lines and cell phones


    • The Sim Must be returned. Apon purchasing this plan you agree that if you fail to return the sim you will pay $30 to the Tzfat apon request.
    • The month begin on the 25th of every month and end the 24th of Every month. (exeptions may be made , please email us with you request)
    • Payment for service is in advance. 
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