Chocolatina Chocolate Hamentash Gift Box (1)

Chocolatina Chocolate Hamentash Gift Box (1)

30.00 ₪Price

Special New Product from Chocolatina.


Special Chocolate filling wrapped with white chocolate.


Defenlly completes your Purim package.  


High-end Belgium Chocolate ,Beautifully Packed , Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    Chocolatina: A Brand of High Quality Praline Belgian Chocolate.

    This chocolate is absolutely amazing. Comes in a variety of mouthwatering flavors Rosemarie, vanilla and Belgian noughat all Chocolatina chocholates are Milchig.

    Gift boxed, and comes with a Chocolatina note.

    Perfect for every occasion. For students or hanhala.

    Under the Hashgacha of Badaz Yerushalaim (העדה חרדית)

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