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Shluchim Of Tzeirei Hashluchim

Shluchim Of Tzeirei Hashluchim

The Shluchim of the Yeshiva are older bachurim woe are dedicated to the bachurim. Period. caring ,learning , talking , farbrenging and so much more. 
This Mishloach Manos will be to the Shluchim as a whole. if you would like to send something to a specific please order one specially.

    Join together this Purim to send an Mishloach Manos to the teacher and Hanhalah member of your son and daughter.

    This Basket will give the opportunity to Show Appriciation for Year aruond dedication. 

    For Only 26 together we will make a beutiful Mishloach Manos with your name on it.  

    Depending on the amount of participants will the size and value of te mishloach manos.

    To add a Achdus Basket , simply add it to your cart as if you would add any other product.

    Happy Purim!


    There is no charge for Delivery on this order when added to your order.

    If however you choose only a Achdus Baskets , there is regular Purim delivery charge.

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