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Tzfat gifts goal is to help you Deliver your love to your loved ones Miles away in Tzfat. 


Care Packages in beautiful but far away Tzfas

This website was created for parents around the world whose children are learning in Tzfas to have an easy way to send their children care packages and gifts through out the year; Chanukah, Purim, Tu Bishvat or for their kids Birthdays, graduations, end of year parties, etc. With a few clicks your care package, gift, platter, birthday cake etc. will be on its way to your son or daughters school or Yeshiva. You make the Order and we will "Deliver your Love miles Away"!


Hakoros Hatov

Parents can send their childrens Hanhala (teachers, principals, mashpiim etc.)  their appreciation or for a shabbos host.






Chocolatina Bulgium Peralin
Mishloach Manot


How to send a note with my package or gift?


In the cart under the picture of the product it states "add note to seller " here you may leave a message and we will attach it to your package or gift. 



What Hashgacha do we use?


In Tzfat The Chabad Mara De'Asrah Rabbi Bistrizky is in charge of the kashrus of the entire community known as Tzfat Mehadrin, in addition there are stores (example:bakery) that only use products that are under Badatz Yerushalyim and Rabbi Landau of Bnei Brakand this is included in the Kashrut certificate.

Tzfat gifts .com does not have a independent Hashgacha. uses only products with one of the above mentioned hashgachos:

1.  Badatz, Eida Chareidi of Yerushalyim 

2. Rabbi Landau of Bnei Brak.

3. Tzfat Mehadrin.





Special Orders


if you would like to send your son, daughter or Hanhalah member something special which is not on our website, you may leave us a message (in the contact section) with your request and we will respond whether we can complete your order.




What is our returns policy?


Tzfat gifts guarantees the freshness, kashrus and taste of its products if there is any problem in anything we deliver, please contact us by email and we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase.






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