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Happy Chanukah From Elite (add on item)

Happy Chanukah From Elite (add on item)

SKU: 0013
₪8.99 Regular Price
₪7.55Sale Price
This Big Dreidel contains all Elite products including chocolate gold coins, assorted Elite chocolate and candy.

    This Fun Draital Contains

    • Chanukah chocolate coins (8)
    • Mini Mekupelet Chocolate Bar
    • Mini Kif Kef Chocolate Bar 
    • Mini Taami Chocolate Bar 
    • A pack of tufy Candy (42 Grams)
    • Pack of Jelly Beans (25 grams)
    • Pack of Marshmelo (30 grams)

    This pack has the Hashgacha of the Badaz of yerushlaim


    This Add on item can be added to any other Chanukah Order.

    connot be ordered alone.

    There is no Shipping charge on this product.

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